Smart Paint Roller

Smart Paint Roller

Smart Paint Roller

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The Smart Flow Paint Roller saves you time and effort because it is faster than a traditional roller with less mess and provides an even finish from beginning to end.

Get Your Project Done Quickly

The SMART Flow Paint Roller saves time and energy when painting walls and ceilings, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your new, freshly painted room!

No Need for a Roller Tray

This SMART paint roller holds paint directly in the handle, eliminating the need for messy roller trays, dripping paint, and constant trips back and forth to the paint can. With this paint stick roller, you’ll have your project done more quickly.


When you are done, clean up is easy

Use the power settings to simply push any remaining paint from the handle back into the paint can and flush the SMART Flow Roller with water or solvent for easy clean up.


Paint an 8’ x 8’ wall in 6 minutes

Holds up to 22 oz. of paint to cover 70 square ft. in one fill

Easily paint walls and ceilings without roller trays

Extended reach reduces need for ladders

For use with water and oil based coatings


Weight: 1500g /3.3 lb

Handle length: 3 ft

Product Height: 35.75"

Package Includes:1 x Smart Flow Paint Roller

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