Ultimate Hole Maker

Ultimate Hole Maker

Ultimate Hole Maker

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Easily Drill Perfect Holes In Any Hard Materials!

Drill holes in anything, with this 15 piece set of Ultimate Hole Maker. Use them on ceramic tiles, flower pots, granite, marble, glass, brick.

The diamond coated drill bits help cut through anything, nice and smooth. It cuts and sands at the same time. It won't chip the material you are drilling, like other types of drill bits do sometimes.


  • Capable of drilling into extremely hard materials such as marble, slate, glass, tile, stone, and many more.
  • The material needs only water for lubrication.
  • Can be used with a standard drill.
  • Align the place to be drilled, make a circular trace, then drill.
  • Excellent for making clean and accurate holes.
  • Good Performance and long life.


    • Material: Glass, Ceramic, Tile, Brick, Marble, Granite
    • Zone Used: Kitchen, Bath, Home, Work Site
    • Bit Material: Electroplated Diamond
    • Diameter Range: 6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20/22/25/26/28/30/40/50mm
    • Power Drill: Fits All Types of Power Drills


    • 1 set x Ultimate Hole Maker (15pcs)

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